Monday, June 27, 2005

Busy Times

Fav Rosetta
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I apologise for not posting in a while, I have been so busy it is unreal. In the last four days I have worked an 18 hour, a 12 hour and a 10 hour shift with a saturday to spend time with my wee sis.

I have been increasing coffee sales a little and am trying to convert some of our early morning black coffee drinkers to cappa's and latte's. It is fun pouring art into subway take-away cups. Customers here don't realise it is intentional, so when i pour hearts and that for a guy I don't actually get weird looks!

Tomorrow is a day off but I have the starngest feeling I'll spend at least 4 hours at work!

I hope you are all doing well, and arn't stressed and going gray as I am! (Pearson People:) Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to; or anyone else for that matter!

Posts will be very irregular until I get my espresso machine and digicam. I am getting a new PC next week or the week after. It is very sweeet! Can't wait, next friday is Pay Day!

Bye for now,

Friday, June 17, 2005

On the topic of Affagato's...

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Here's a reminder of times past Alex. A true Pearson reminder with a caf spoon and an east house chair as the framing elements.

Lisa, I may take you up on your offer!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Peters Blog

As it will be a while before I am back onto the topic of espresso related quests I have been informed of another quest. Peter Van de Reep, my good friend and former roommate at Pearson has started a blog detailing his new job as a barista and espresso developer at a new spot in Calgary.

Read it, Just read it. (bad attempt at using a Michael Jackson line as a form of protest at his being let off for molesting young boys. Off topic in a big way and I wish this lovely man peace and happiness even though he feels soo bad that he has been taken advantage off like this and has vowed to never let young boys sleep in his bed again so that he isn't taken advantage of. What a strong character Mr. Jackson is...)

Views on Jacko's current life are welcomed here. What could be better than a debate on the black boy that became a white woman.

Not very P.C. I do apologise...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Girl at the juice bar...true story!

Messy but full cup! (almost...)
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As many of my close friends are aware, I love stuff. I am fairly wise yet whne it comes to being a consumer I am slightly addicted: no thanks to Peter, I believe we fostered each others habit for buying random crap for the sake of it...Now I am in debt, quite a lot actually on my credit card. Not too nice. I am in so much that I have taken to getting into debt with non-tangible items. Things such as promises. I know what you are thinking. "What the hell is he talking about?"

Well, when I arrived home I started work a day early in a different store to help out and get in some practice before taking on my own Subway store. I was extremely happy to find an espresso and Juice bar beside this other store. This is where Nicky (Juice bar girl) comes into the equation. She just commented on my last entry about how her latte art is coming along. It's a pity she's not a drinker and can't totally appreciate her craft. The people in her juice bar were taught by the N. Ireland Barista Champion, or something like that. His knowledge seems impotent given the fact that they were told they could hold the portafilter in their hand whilst tamping; how the hell do you get 30lbs pressure doing this I don't know.

Anyway, I mentioned latte art to nicky and she was dead keen on learning how to do it. And as I am sure you are all aware was only to keen to help. We were so busy in Subway the next day it totally slipped my mind so with speedy apologies and a gift of a java sleeve from mirage and one of Sam Jones' new cards I had to leave to go home. She checked out my blog and various other recommended reads such as the milk frothing guide and says she can do the 'squiggly thing,' I assume she means the Rosetta Leaf. (I apologise if this sounds like I am making fun of you, I assure I am not. Well...perhaps at the squiggly thing comment...)

I want a machine so bad it is not even funny. I got MR. Ebay to refund my purchase of the Gaggia Espresso as I couldn't be bothered waiting any longer. Need to start shopping again soon! It might just be one big shop of green beans, roaster, machine and grinder together sometime in August/September. I find myself looking everywhere I go for espresso gear. I love my french press though. It is getting me through my dark days at the moment.

Confident women freak me out, we from the emerald isle are reknowned for being naturally flirtatious. This mixed with confident in an attractive female barista shocked the pants off me, after living in close proximity with the same good friends for so long. Nicky scared me. I am in debt for a promise of a latte art lesson. Something harder to repay than a cash deposit for my credit card. I sincerely apologise and hope to make it down some day. Preferably a quiet day when your boss isn't in. I can do latte art in take away cups. Did a rosetta and a heart for me and my boss today. We were both satisfied with the improvement the milk makes given that the espresso comes from a super automatic.

Took me a while to get to the point on the title of this one.

I am having lots of fun in my new role. I got my company phone and a pay rise alreay.

Going to bed now as I start work in seven hours.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Got myself a wee french press

Tastebud positions
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After over a week of searching I finally got myself and 8-cup french press from Tesco's today. It is great. My headache shifted within seconds! I was also impressed with the quality of the coffee given the fact that it was pre-ground store bought beans, the press wasn't that expensive and I've been out of the loop for a while now. But at least I have something now to focus my attention on. The coffee itself had very strong almond notes which was pleasant and the sludge level was minimal.

I like this pic of the tongue. I let my friend Joel try some of the coffee and his initial reaction was, "arrgh this is really bitter, i can feel it in the back of my mouth." He is not a coffee drinker but I can see potential here. I'll wait until I get a machine and intorduce him to a nice wet cappa or 16oz. latte and get him into espresso the long way.

I showed my mum my blog yesterday and the video's that myself and others have made. She is convinced she'll be able to do latte art and wants to try when I get a machine. She doesn't drink coffee, so i guess i'll either be drinking lots of coffee or throwing lots away.

It's disappointing to return to a place where coffee is STILL somewhere between it's first and second wave. Starbies is becoming a more common site with about 3-5 stores here now. I was in one last week and got a decent extra shot caramel macchiato as it is the only thing semi palatable available. Someone with my accent faking an italian twang when pronouncing macchiato is horrible.

I've just finished drafting the agenda for our staff meeting tonight. 10 items...should be faster than a village meeting at least. (Pearson Joke so don't worry if ya don't get it!)

I miss and love all you Pearson People. Phone calls are in order soon. There is a distinct lack of warm human contact i my life.

Speak to you all soon.