Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And another...

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So this seems to be turning into latte art central for me but i can't help it. I am just very happy with the progress i have been making recently. I do wonder what it takes to get more than 11 leaves though. I sem to be stumped at about 10 usually. Albeit all the leaves are hollow and well defined as i have shown but i see others with 20 leaves and want to do that. Will I lose the hollow leaves?

Anyway, i have started home roasting again with my favourite beans. Monsooned Indian Malabar and Ethiopian Djimah. The Djimah was roasted to a light roast and the indian was closer to a medium roast. I actually roasted the malabar for almost 14 minutes and it still wasn't quite a medium roast. They both tasted great, the djimah had the same amazing creamy mouthfeel it had before and a dense spicy taste, perhaps like a weak black pepper. The malabar had properties of a chicken tikka masala, like drinking a carmelic mix of traditional indian spices, hints of cumin were noticable.

Any thoughts on latte art would be appreciated. I hope everyone had a great New yaer, mine was partially taken up with attending an road traffic accident that involved my cousin. A speeding mercedes decided to play target practice with him as he pullled on to the main road on his scooter. Thankfully he was fine, no thanks to standing for over an hour and a half waiting on the police to arrive, which they didn't. The merceds didn't stop either. There are some bastards out there!

Take Care