Monday, May 28, 2007

Cafetiere is a woman's drink!

Home set-up
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I'm not being sexist, i cam across a cool article on the British Coffee Association's website that places the history of coffee on a timeline. The cafetiere was invented by a woman called Elizabeth Dakin in 1841! Also the germans were the first to culturally embed after noon coffee into daily life. They coined it "KaffeKlatch." Meant as a derogatory term to when referring to the chat women have during their afternoon coffee.

Check out the time line. It's pretty cool.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rosetta videoed for comp
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I am trying to record something to enter, this is the first attempt. Thankfully there's still two weeks to practice!

My New Puppy

My new puppy Troy
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Here's a wee photo of my new puppy. He's a pedigree German Shepherd and comes from a family of show dog's. His grandfather is twice world champion show dog and his father is currently winning every local and national show he's being entered in.

His name is Troy and he is 7 weeks old on monday. He is primarily a pet but if his training goes well I may decide to continue into show training with him and enter him in some shows. With his family history i will definately be breeding him in the future.

I will post more photos of him as he get's older. I can't wait for his first coat change when i'll actually see the true proportions of black and tan in his coat.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dark specking Rosetta

Dark specking Rosetta
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Friday, May 25, 2007

Daddy's back!

Ristretto Cup with rosetta
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So on thursday night Mark and Greg from Ristretto Coffee gave me and a few other guys the opportunity to play with some cool toys at their Roastery. I hadn't actually made an espresso based coffee since last october let alone pour latte art. That's one of my best from the night pictured.

Mark, Greg and Brian all poured their first latte art and another guy Peter was pouring consistently all night too. The art wasn't the only thing going on though. The guys planned a cupping session with several of the beans they stock. See their Store for details. I had never cupped before and was amazed by the difference in aromas and flavours that you miss in a brewed coffee. They also roasted some Guatamalan San Francisco coffeee for cafetiere/filter, i love watching coffee roast, especially the cooling down part, it's amazing how much chaf comes off the beans! We were talked into making "Chaff Tea" as it's apparently a delicacy in some regions. Would rather drink my own urine personally, at least it would have a coffee essence to it!!!

The planned 2 hour night went on for about 5 hours and we left the roastery after midnight absolutely wired! I had very little sleep and then my new puppy was up howling from 5am!!!

Good news is that i was so happy being back behind an espresso machine that i have gotten one for home again! I have done the inevitable and got another Gaggia Cubika as i enjoyed my last one and also got a Gaggia MM burr grinder. The machines we used last night were a Rancilio Epoca, Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder, Fracino 1 group commercial with Anfim grinder and there was also a 2 group commercial machine that i can't remember the name of but is used in Costa Coffee. I really want a Rancilio Silvia and Rocky with base unit. After using both I know what i am missing with the gaggia but i will have it all in good time!!!

Thanks again guys for a great night! I believe we all had a blast, it's great to be back on track with quality coffee again!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good News!!!

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I'm currently bidding on a Gran Gaggia on ebay, so may get this show back on the road soon! I took a real depressed view on coffee cos my plan took a nose dive after not being able to find real quality cafe's here. Generic 'decent,' with an ok atmosphere is as good as it gets. Hopefully i'll be back pulling Ristretto's fine blend as ristrettos sooner rather than later.

I'm actually going down to RistrettoCoffee's roastery for a coffee evening, so very excited about learning more about roasting and getting to play with a few bits and bobs. If i'm allowed i'll take camera and get some photos of art / shots, whatever goes on...