Friday, September 23, 2005

Still living!

latte for pal
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Haven't posted in a while due to working shed loads of hours in my store! Nothing really coffee related to discuss other than the fact that my Super automatic machine in work got removed today. Bad news is that it is being replaced by another 'better' one! To enable us to continue serving coffee i took my drip machine down and my grinder. Must say, the coffee is better!

I'm going out tonight to see a few local bands playing in a venue in belfast. Can't wait, should be a great night out. Can't get too hammered cos i'm working tomorrrow, my friend starts at 8am though so i can get a little bit more wasted than he!

will take digicam and try and get some pics of the local music scene here. My friends band is awesome. Hopefully they'll be playing the venue i'm going to tonight in the next few months once their reputation grows.