Monday, May 28, 2007

Cafetiere is a woman's drink!

Home set-up
Originally uploaded by Scott_uwc.
I'm not being sexist, i cam across a cool article on the British Coffee Association's website that places the history of coffee on a timeline. The cafetiere was invented by a woman called Elizabeth Dakin in 1841! Also the germans were the first to culturally embed after noon coffee into daily life. They coined it "KaffeKlatch." Meant as a derogatory term to when referring to the chat women have during their afternoon coffee.

Check out the time line. It's pretty cool.


Blogger Joe said...

Hey scott, good to see you're posting again! I have exactly the same home set up as you, but the results I get are absolute shite compared to what you are getting out the cubika, well you always were the espresso daddy! safe.

11:06 pm  
Blogger Aristipposian Kaffeejournal said...


Kaffeeklatsch is a derogatory term today but it was not at all as it began. Quite on the contrary!
Back then it was a gathering for women wanting to interchange their ideas on a high cultural level.

8:29 pm  
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