Friday, December 30, 2005

One for me.

christmas morning latte
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My christmas morning latte.

I had a great christmas. My mum got me a nice set of 6 espresso cups and saucers. Will post a pic of them soon.

All my gifts were either alcohol or coffee related. I think that is scary but cool. I work to much so am off to the gym to liven myself up before watching American History X.

Happy new year everyone!

Very Merry Christmas!

christmas eve latte
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On christmas eve i made a latte for my mum's friend (despite one of her gifts to me being starbucks espresso chistmas blend that was roasted in septe, said the bag!) The beans i used were fresh from clements and the rosetta was an absolute stunner i think/ i poured really slowly to let her see how i did it as she got an espresso machine for christmas and dhasn't really got to grips with it yet. My best advice for free pouring is definately pour slower than you think you need to.

i think we realised this ages ago didn't we pete? I used to try and get more leaves by pouring faster, guess it's the opposite pour slow but more oscillations. Check out the hollow leaves!

Will post my own xmas morning latte next.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Espresso Nirvana

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If you haven't already read Mark Princes latest article about Espresso Nirvana on it's about the constantly changing dynamic of coffee/espresso and his perception on the god shot or whether or not we can actually reach espresso nirvana. It shares many opinions i have had for a long time now. I would suffice to say that nirvana or the god shot would be doing the best you can to produce the best shot of espresso you can given your circumstances, such as equipment, beans, grinders, water or whatever. We used some dodgy gear eh Pete? and we did get some very tastey 'espresso'/coffee at the time. That was nirvana despite us being able to produce a much superior product now. Which is todays nirvana i guess.

Check it out, he explains a lot more than i can in a short space here.

Have a merry jolly christmas if i don't post before then again!