Saturday, October 29, 2005

Contrary to my last post...

Today I crashed my motorbike. For the first time in over two months i have some time to re-analyse where i am in life. I have not used my computer for weeks and after sifting through many emails have decided it is time to come back out of my shell and communicate with everyone i have lost contact with. I do owe you all a huge apology.

Life is tough, an given the fact that i have not been using my gaggia i lack one of my favourite pastimes. I have joined the gym and now that my right arm is in a significant amount of pain i will have to pass going to the gym for a few days at least. I have been obsessed with getting into shape and am doing well, have been at the gym at least three or four times a week, for the last four weeks, for hours on end. It is great to have that physical outlet in my life again, since leaving Pearson the gym is one of the things in life i miss most. Just wish Jon was here for the mental coaching that went so well with an energetic workout in the gym. It has been a great forum for catching up with my younger cousing who i haven't really seen for a few years.

We need to give our views on what Pearson College needs of a new director and am struggling to find motivation and sensibility in my thoughts. It is vital for the college that all of our alumni do give feedback to the questions we have been provided with. Although it is a time consuming exercise, for those of us that work more hours in a week than is possibly humane...

Hopefully coming into the darker days and the colder weather I will get the machine back on and post some coffee related items. I will give a full run of the new super automatic machine we got for subway. It has removed all of my previous disapointments with the type of machine. It is a Black & White machine that shares its group head with the new starbucks series of super autos, but i can assure you it out shines every single machine i have come in contact with along the way and have been told by my company director that it is putting out the best results out of the six machines we just invested 20,000 pounds in for our stores. Mainly due to my persistent tampering with all its settings to get as much from our beans as is possible.

Enough from me now, i hope everyone is doing well, drop me a line and let me know how you are, either here or email me:

Happy Halloween